About Us

Tell The World Ministries

Tell The World Ministries will provide help and resources to families that will help them raise mentally, physically and spiritually strong kids. Our aim is to empower men and women to have healthy marriages and relationships that reflect God’s design for the family. We exist to make an impact locally and around the world by sharing and serving, using the examples that God set before us in the Bible. How we do this is through partnering with churches around the local communities to get involved with the schools in those communities, addressing the academic needs, social needs and basic needs of their youth while displaying and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The four primary facets of Tell The World Ministries are:

  • Share the Word
  • Show the Word
  • Teach the Word
  • Serve the World

The question that we will constantly ask ourselves at Tell The World Ministries is, how can we most effectively make disciples of all nations?

  • Help others grow inward by showing the Word and teaching the Word
  • Help others grow outward by sharing the Word and serving the World.

Our direction our compass is the Word of God. We are aligning the plans He has already promised to bless in His word.

Tell The World + Disciple Making = Impact the World

We are doing ministry right only when men and women are multiplying the Gospel by making disciples of all nations with their lives. We must Tell The World by sharing God’s word, making disciples and serving others.

our cross, jesus is our savior, our mission